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If you're looking for the kid that used to be[info]abberational_me
you're in the right place.

This is my new LJ. You know the drill.

Sep. 3rd, 2009


hai you gaizzz/ so, so mfriends and i, the ones from copllege, had a drinking session. lmfao. it was pretty awesomre and i tink i tried a cigarette. i think. i;m not sure. i;'ll have to ask. if i did thoiugh, thhen it was blech. i hate it.

so soi so.

um, ilu guys, and i'm sorry for the divide that's currentlu plaguing your fklist. that's all, i;m just sorry because i;m a good person and i dn't like it when tbe people i care abiut feel like thye have to choose one side or another jjst to make myself feel better/ because i'm not like that. it's unfair and rude and petty and not at all aometing a good pedsron wo,uld do. and i;m a good person to my frienrds/

nayway i mss sarah. and sam.and ksrmao. fuck. i can't spell katie. oh wai. there it is. ij miss nora too.and cath and kenzie. you'ee all so  beautiful. not jsut them. all of you. come ghu meeeeeeeeee.

and jen. i raealy mssi jen.

i;m lolnel y guys. i want to find a guy who isn't pathetic and ball-less. guyssss gimee a boyyyy. that's it. m'gonna go to bed. iluuuuuuu.

...wait. i have to conqure tags girst. bwahahahahaadakfna.

they shoot idiots, don't they?


Post anon and tell me some of the following:

1. One secret.
2. One compliment.
3. One non-compliment.
4. And a hint to who you are if you want.

Or anything at all you have wanted to tell me or ask me but haven't. IP Logging is off.

Have at it. I need something juicy to boost my interest in life right now.

'Kay you guys, there must be Supernatural fans out there in my f-list. Come rp wiv me.

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My lightning's flashing across the sky,
You're only young but you're gonna die.

Turn off your lights and step into the world of nigthmares; a place where the things that terrify you the most are as real as your own two feet, and the only way you are kept safe is through the vigilance of the Hunters. These unappreciated, and often persecuted, few are the ones that keep the evil of the supernatural world at bay.

But for how long?

The hunters are few and heavily outnumbered. The fight is soon coming and demons and angels alike are prowling the streets. When war is brewing and destruction draws night, which side will you choose? More importantly--which side will emerge victorious? What lies in wait at the end of the road?

like clockwork she's in control.

Because Sam, Katie and I can.♥